De-Risk And Attract Top Talent

A multimedia candidate behavioural assessment and presentation tool


Superstar Talent - Scientifically Matched
We search the whole talent pool (not just the active 15%) and match their skills and behaviours to your specific job role.

See How It Achieves 96% Retention Over 12 Months


We use a blend of science, craft and technology to enhance your hiring process


90 Second Candidate Videos

Get under the skin of your candidates by watching them talk about your role - gaining insight from how they present themselves.


Detailed Benchmarking
See how candidates stack up against each other based on their market value, key competencies and salary expectations.


96% Retention Over 12 Months
Our process de-risks your hiring process by guaranteeing the candidate you choose will stay at least 12 months.

Most agencies guarantee placements for 3 months... we guarantee ours for 12 months

How can we be so confident?

executive intro® was born out of our belief that companies historically hire leaders based on skills but fire based on behaviours - we realised that executive recruitment had to be done a different way to get different results.

executive intro® pulls together a combination of a proven process, recruiters who are experts in their business area, one of the most extensive candidate databases in the industry, and a more scientific way of analysing a candidate's suitability. Find out more by downloading our ebook.



Globally Accessible 24/7

Access the executive intro® dashboard from anywhere around the world via laptop, tablet or mobile.


Increased Fit & Retention

Matching candidates to a role based on their skills and behaviours ensures our placements stick.


Find The Right Person Faster

Because candidates are screened in more detail you’ll waste less time interviewing the wrong people.

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